HP Procurve and Cisco Catalyst Interoperability Notes

HP Procurve and Cisco Catalyst Interoperability Notes

These are basic notes about interoperabilty on Cisco and HP Switches

See attached:


Netflow/Sflow Configuration on Cisco/HP/VMware Switches

Cisco Netflow Config Notes:

Enable Cisco Express Forwarding:

router(config)# ip cef

In the configuration terminal on the router, issue the following to start NetFlow Export.

QOS 802.1p on Cisco 3750 and HP Procurve Switches

Cisco 3750 QOS 802.1p testing Notes:



HP Procurve QOS configuration


HP Procurve and Cisco 3750 Configuration Notes

In my original configuration, I set up a trunk of 3 vlans between my cisco 3750 and HP procurve switches.Vlan 1, 7 and 9  have been working fine.  I want to extend it to include vlan 13, so I made the following changes to allow vlan 13 to go through the trunk.Cisco : - switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,7,9,13 (added 13)HP: -  vlan 13  tagged 24=============================================interface GigabitEthernet1/0/24 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchpor


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