How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise (Without Reinstalling Windows)

Original article can be found here: https://www.howtogeek.com/250503/how-to-upgrade-to-windows-10-enterprise-without-reinstalling-windows/

Windows 10 Enterprise offers quite a few exclusive features that aren’t available in the Professional edition of Windows. You can get these features without reinstalling Windows, and without even having an Enterprise disc. In fact, you don’t even need your own Windows 10 Enterprise key to perform this upgrade.

Java Deployment Rule Set and Enterprise CA


My goal is to get a Java Deployment Rule Set in place in my organization, but I do not want to pay third-party certificate authority for a code signing cert when we have a working CA running through Active Directory. I have followed what I think is the correct procedure to get this accomplished, however when I finally go to run any Java applet I receive the following error:

Can not verify self-signed Deployment Rule Set jar

The steps I followed are:

Sign Windows PowerShell Scripts with an Enterprise Windows PKI

Designing and Implementing a PKI using Windows Server Certificate Authority Role

Here are the links from the great microsoft article(s):

Designing and Implementing a PKI: Part I Design and Planning


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