How To Forward Office 365 Email Address To External Address Without A Mailbox

Automate Sysprep on VMware vSphere without Customization File

Obtain a Certificate on Windows 2008 (without using IIS)

PurposeThis page describes how to obtain a certificate on Windows 2008 without using IIS. The instructions have been tested using Windows Server 2008 R2.InstructionsGenerate a new private key and certificate signing request (CSR)

Saving state of ESXi manually without reboot

You can trigger a save using:

/sbin/backup.sh 0

Normally this is called in /sbin/shutdown.sh., but you can call it manually:

~ # /sbin/backup.sh 0

Saving current state in /bootbank
Clock updated.
Time: 13:49:53   Date: 10/08/2010   UTC

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