Adding VLANs to Cisco Nexus 1000v

This is the simple process to follow when adding a VLAN and subsequent VMware VM access port group and to a Cisco Nexus 1000v switch.

The annoyance is that you can monitor the configuration of your Nexus 1000v through VMware Virtual Center; however you can't configure it.  All Nexus 1000v configuration must be done at the command line.

In this post I present to you the configuration commands I use when adding an additional VLAN to a Nexus 1000v switch.

Adding VLANs to Cisco Nexus 1000v

Create a VLAN and name it correctly:

First step is to create a VLAN and give it a name.  I like to name my VLANs in line with their VMware port group name.  Here I'm creating VLAN 16 and calling it "VM_VLAN_16":

     conf t
     vlan 16

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