Downloading to a Ademco Security Panel using Honeywell Compass Software

Windows Disable the "Open File Security Warning" message

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I really hate those "are you sure" security questions. They just dull your senses towards security and people just learn to click through them anyways.

So, lets just save the trouble and get rid of them altogether.

Exchange Domain Security TLS configuration

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To create your first SendDomainSecureList:
Set-TransportConfig -TLSSendDomainSecureList

Fine tuning Apache Hadoop Security Settings

Apache Hadoop is equipped with a robust and scalable security infrastructure. These notes are intended to cluster administrators fine-tune the security settings of their clusters.

Quality of Protection:

Security infrastructure for Hadoop RPC uses Java SASL APIs. Quality of Protection (QOP) settings can be used to enable encryption for Hadoop RPC protocols.

Java SASL provides following QOP settings:

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