SCCM 2012 Basic All-in-one Hardware Report

SELECT  distinct
 CS.name0 as 'Computer Name',
 CS.domain0 as 'Domain',
 CS.UserName0 as 'User',
 BIOS.SerialNumber0 as 'Bios serial',
 SE.SerialNumber0 as 'System Enclosure serial',
 CS.Manufacturer0 as 'Manufacturer',
 CS.Model0 as 'model',
 OS.Caption0 as 'OS',
 RAA.SMS_Assigned_Sites0 as 'Site',
 RAM.TotalPhysicalMemory0 as 'Total Memory',
 sum(isnull(LDisk.Size0,'0')) as 'Hardrive Size',
 sum(isnull(LDisk.FreeSpace0,'0')) AS 'Free Space',
 CPU.CurrentClockSpeed0 as 'CPU Speed'

Best Practices Selecting Hadoop Hardware

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Apache Hadoop worker node hardware @ Yahoo!, a lot of nodes with 6*2TB SATA drives, 24GB RAM and 8 cores in a dual socket configuration. This has proven to be a pretty good configuration. This year, I’ve seen systems with 12*2TB SATA drives, 48GB RAM and 8 cores in a dual socket configurations. We will see a move to 3TB drives this year.

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