UCS Nexus 1000V VMware ESXi 5.1 and Windows 2008 R2 with VMXNET3 paravirtual adapter

Based on VMware Knowledge base articles 2020567 and 2039495


Operating System Specific Adapter Policies

Replacing SSL cert on Cisco UCS Central

As of UCS Central 1.0(1a), Cisco does not have a supported method for replacing the self-signed SSL certificate on the UCS Central(UCSC) server itself.

They have supported changing the certs on the individual UCS Managers(UCSM) for a while.

Cisco Best practice for deploying a Nexus 1000v on a UCS Series B or Series C server

Summary of Recommendations


This document will outline the technical details of these recommendations for most customers deploying the Nexus 1000V on UCS B and C Series servers (C series managed via UCSM), but we will provide an upfront list here to outline the key points:

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