Encrypted Secure Email in Office 365

So you’ve rolled out email, yay! But have you enabled your users to send secure encrypted email?  It is a very underused feature among small- and medium-sized businesses.  This makes me kind of sad because every business sends some personal data that should be protected. Quotes, bids, specifications, drawings, credit card information, health questions, benefits, or employment information, if sent via email should be sent in a secure manner.

Kisi Pro Reader Initial Setup


Tuesday, August 1, 2017
9:46 PM

Unplug ALL Kisi Pro Readers locate which are offline.  Then add 1 Pro reader at a time using the Portals Online/Offline indications

HOWTO Setup A Remote SIP Extension

This HOWTO assumes that your FreePBX system is sitting behind a NATed firewall with no direct connection to the outside world and it is NOT in the DMZ zone. If you are relying on this article to set-up your system, DO NOT place your system on a public IP address or a DMZ zone. This article does not address the potential security implications involved in such a setup.

The four key considerations in setting up remote extensions are:

Comcast Business Gateway Setup Notes

Netgear CG3000DCR

default customer admin username: cusadmin

default customer admin password: highspeed


VNC Server setup

Setting up a CraftBukkit Minecraft Server on CentOS


1. Download CraftBukkit's latest build: CraftBukkit - Recommended Build
2. Put the .jar in a folder, for this example we'll use a generic one: ~/craftbukkit
3. Move to the above directory in terminal with 'cd ~/craftbukkit'
4. Create a new file in the minecraft folder and name it
5. Edit the file and paste this into it:

Setting up Apache Hadoop on RHEL6/CentOS 6

Setting up Apache Hadoop on RHEL6/CentOS 6 is simple wiith the recent availability of RPMs for Apache Hadoop it makes it much simpler to setup a basic Hadoop cluster. This will allow you to focus on how to use the features instead of having to learn how they were implemented.

These instructions DO NOT Hadoop settings to make Hadoop fast but it will get you running a Hadoop culster fast. We will leave Hadoop optimization for another day.

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