Windows 7 Re-Install Shortcuts

Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch Installation and Deployment

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Drupal 7 Quick Installation Guide

Full Drupal 7 Quick Installation Guide located below under support files:

Quick Install Notes for a Drupal 7 Site

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Step 1: Create Drupal site database

Method 1: Create a database and user using phpMyAdmin

This presumes you have root access to phpMyAdmin

Creating your very own Private Chef Infrastructure

In RHEL 6 / CentOS 6 :

install ruby,ruby-devel and git using the yum package manager:

yum install ruby ruby-devel git

Download the rubygems package manager from

extract the TGZ to a directory and cd to it

Then issue ruby setup.rb to install the rubygems package manager

Then install the chef-server cookbook


Apache Maven installation instructions for Windows

Maven instalation for Windows XP/Windows 7

  1. Unzip the distribution archive, i.e. to the directory you wish to install Maven 3.0.4. These instructions assume you chose C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation. The subdirectory apache-maven-3.0.4 will be created from the archive.

Installing Java JRE and JDK version 1.7(1.6) on CentOS 6 and config the system alternatives for "java"

You should simply use the packages from Sun.

Step (1) : Visit Sun’s web site and download the latest version of Java (the *.bin file not the *-rpm.bin) (

(pay close attention if you want the 32bit or 64bit version)

Example the 64-bit version of the JDK can be found at

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