Enable VMware Tools, VM backup and VSS Logging in ESX/ESXi 5.1

VMware Tools Logging can be enabled with the following procedure:

Login to the guest VM and as Administrator complete the following:

LDAP and Active Directory tools

Using LDIFDE to export Active Directory Objects: Start > All Programs > ADAM > ADAM Tools Command Prompt. vbtools adfind 
adfind –b dc=mycompany,dc=com –s subtree -f


Fortigate Firewall Policy Debug Procedures

Using diagnose debug flow to show traffic hitting a policy

You can use the diagnose debug flow command to show packet flow through the FortiGate unit. As packets are received you can view debug messages to show how the FortiGate unit processes them. The following command sequence displays packet flow for packets with IP address
The command output is extracted from actual command output and shows what happens after one packet is received:

Minecraft Weapons, Armor and Tools

Minecraft Armour Item Block IDs

Install Open Source VMware Tools on Red Hat Enterprise/CentOS Linux 6

Install Open Source VMware Tools on Red Hat Enterprise/CentOS Linux 6 VMware makes a repository available for us to install the VMware tools for a variety of Linux distributions including Red Hat, CentOS, and Ubuntu.

This example will show an install VMware tools on a Red Hat Enterprise/CentOS Linux 6 guest running on a VMware ESXi/ESX 4.1 or 5.1 host.

First import the VMware repository GPG signing public keys:

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