Logging Windows Events To Syslog Using Snare

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There are now a bunch of commercial and open source agents that can run on a Windows system to take in Windows Event Logs and send them off to a syslog server.  We’ll be looking at the Snare agent in this post.

Running Syslog on Windows Server

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This post describes running syslog-ng as a server on Windows.  In another post, we describe how to send Windows Event Logs to syslog.

vSphere Syslog Collector – Install and Configure

Centralized Syslog Server Reference

Centralized Syslog Server Reference


Creating a Centralized Syslog Server

A centralized syslog server was one of the first true SysAdmin tasks that I was given as a Linux Administrator way back in 1997. My boss at the time wanted to pull in log files from various appliances and have me use regexp to search them for certain key words. At the time Linux was still in its infancy, and I had just been dabbling with it in my free time. So, I jumped at the chance to introduce Linux to the company that I had worked for. Did it work? You bet it did!

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