Fortigate Firewall Policy Debug Procedures

Using diagnose debug flow to show traffic hitting a policy

You can use the diagnose debug flow command to show packet flow through the FortiGate unit. As packets are received you can view debug messages to show how the FortiGate unit processes them. The following command sequence displays packet flow for packets with IP address
The command output is extracted from actual command output and shows what happens after one packet is received:

Nortel BayNetworks Switch Console Ports


Console/Com Port

Most console connections for OLDER Nortel switch and router is a serial console interface (RS-232) that enables a connection to a terminal or PC for monitoring and configuring standalone switch and/or stack configuration units.  You can also connect this port to an external modem to enable remote dial-in management. The port is a male DB-9 connector, implemented as a data communication equipment (DCE) connection.


VMware ESX 4 console CLI/command line command reference

vmware-cmd -l


[root@esxhost root]# vmware-cmd -l



List path and names of .registered VM vmx files on the present host
Very important!
Use the path with the UUID (vmfslabel) where requested in vmware-cmd

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