VMDK Handbook


              by Ulli Hankeln - Original Site located here: http://sanbarrow.com/vmdk-howtos.html#monolithicversussplit

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Rename VMDK files using the VMware CLI

VMware CLI command to rename VMDK files:

perl vmkfstools --server -E /vmfs/volumes/Test/rh6.2.vmdk  /vmfs/volumes/Test/testing2.vmdk


Recreating a missing virtual machine disk (VMDK) descriptor file

Each disk drive for a virtual machine consists of a pair of .vmdk files. One is a text file containing descriptive data about the virtual hard disk, and the second is the actual content of that disk. For example, a virtual machine named examplevm has one disk attached to it.

VMWare vdiskmanager for Wrkstation conversion notes

vmware-vdiskmanager -r "C:\vms\Windows XP\windows xp.vmdk" -t 6 -h esxi.sanbarrow.local -u root -f passwordfile


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