adb commands for Android Phones

View connected device(s)

Use this to view all connected devices and list their IDs.

Flashing Nexus 6 Firmware

Android USB Host On-The-Go to RS-232 Serial Cable/Adapter

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Find out about the FTDI FT231X chip in the PDCA-M9-6 cable

How to configure Asterisk/FreePBX for CounterPath's Bria SoftPhone for Android/iOS or PC

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Bria is the newest softphone application from CounterPath, allowing users to enjoy multimedia communications in a dynamic way.

Motorla Droid Razr Full Backup using Android SDK

Install Android SDK

Add Android SDK (adb) to your path. usually c:\Program Files (x86)\android\platform-tools on windows 7 that is Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings

On your Razr make sure you set USB debugging to ON and set a Full Backup password

Install the Motorola Device Manager which can be downloaded from

start a command prompt as Administrator

How to wipe data or reset a rooted Android tablet - Sungale Android Tablet

Install the Android SDK can be located at

adb shell

wipe data

adb reboot


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