Cacti Bandwidth Monitoring

Microsoft Ktpass.exe Syntax

The Ktpass utility creates Kerberos keytab files that are used by UNIX Kerberos-based systems to define KDC hosts and user/service mappings.

The syntax for the command is:

ktpass /out filename /princ username [/mapuser] [/in filename] [/crpyto type] [/ptype type] [/keyno keynum] [/?]

Switch usage:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Cleaner Tool

User Interface Workflow

  1. Do not proceed if you installed Acrobat or Reader as part of Creative Suite. This tool can only be used with standalone versions of Acrobat and Reader.
  2. Double click the AdbeArCleaner.exe file.
  3. Verify you want to continue, and choose Next.
  4. Accept the EULA and choose Next.
  5. Choose the standalone product to clean and choose Next.
    • If the product to be cleaned is installed on the machine, tool directly proceeds to cleanup.

Installing VMware Tools into a Nexentastor Appliance or Opensolaris without compiler tools

  1. Download the ISO from NexentaStor.Org (see link above);
  2. Create a VMware virtual machine:
    1. 2 vCPU
    2. 4GB RAM (leaves about 3GB for ARC);
    3. CD-ROM (mapped to the ISO image);
    4. One (optionally two if you want to simulate the OS mirror) 4GB, thin provisioned SCSI disks (LSI Logic Parallel);
    5. Guest Operating System type: Sun Solaris 10 (64-bit)
    6. One E1000 for Management/NAS
    7. (optional) One E1000 for iSCSI
  3. Streamline the guest by disabling unnecessary components:
    1. floppy disk
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