Logging into vSphere VMware VClient 5.1 error: The server took too long to respond

After upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1 with SSO unable to login using the viClient vSphere Clinet to server. The server responds the server took too long to respond.

VMware Knowledge Base article (2038918):


Change the SSO Active Directory/LDAP Primary Server URL to be the Global Catalog with the following:  ldap://global_server:3268 (Not the LDAP port 389). If you are using secure

LDAP the URL would read: ldaps://global_server:3269





vCenter SSO AD Source configuration

Note: When adding a SSO source to vCenter SSO in the Web client you MUST add the Domain lookup user with the domain(netBios)\<user> form.

e.g. <netBIOS_Name>\<AD lookup user>

Enabling NTLM Authentication Single Sign-On (SSO) in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer supports NTLM authentication out of the box. It should just work for intranet hosts, but you can add other hosts to the security settings:

Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Security → Local Intranet → Sites

Adding trusted hosts can also be done through group policy.

You must also make sure either your Local security policy or Domain Group policy reflects the following:

Go to Local Security policy > Security settings > local policies > security options

Enabling NTLM Authentication Single Sign-On (SSO) in Firefox

How many of you have noticed that when you are using Internet Explorer and you browse to your companies intranet page that it will automatically authenticate you but when you use Firefox you will be prompted with a login box?

I recently, in searching for solutions to allow NTLM authentication with Apache, stumbled across how to set a preference in Firefox that will pass the NTLM authentication information to a web server. The preference is network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris.

So how do you do it?

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