Bulk-create external contacts in Exchange Online

Do you have lots of existing business contacts that you want to include in the shared address book in Exchange Online? Or add your contacts as members of distribution groups, just like you can with users inside your company? If so, you can use Windows PowerShell and a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file to bulk import external contacts into Exchange Online.

Powershell to Import CSV Files

Original TechNet Article can be found here:


Import-Csv c:\scripts\test.txt | Where-Object {$_.department -eq "Finance"}


GnuPGP - gpg import and export

  gpg --export my_key -o my_public_key.gpg
  gpg --export-secret-key my_key -o my_secret_key.gpg

  gpg --import my_public_key.gpg
  gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import my_secret_key.gpg

Virtualbox OVF to VMWare ESX OVF import

  1. Make sure you remove all sound hardware from Virtualbox Hardware
  2. Make sure you enter ALL of the OVF template parameters (e.g Produc,Version,Vendor , etc...)
  3. Make sure your Virtualbox Harddisks are attached to LSI SAS controllers.
  4. Use the Virtualbox Export Utility selecting to write an OVF file and not a OVA
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