VIZ WP-705A Power Supply Troubleshooting

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1. Blinking Display: Check power supply +5V.  Check U215 thru U218.

2. Improper readings: Check power supply +5V.  Check regulator U213 and U214 for normal operation.  Check voltages on U217/218.

3. Won't Zero: Check voltages on U217/218.  Check R227/228.  Check +5V supply.  Check C210/211.

4. No display but power supply has output: Check power supply +5V.  Check on-board regulators U213/214 for normal operation.  Check continuity of all VCC paths to active chips.

Understanding, Repairing and Troubleshooting 3-Way Circuits and Switches


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Diagnosing E-mail Issues include SMTP auth

Step #1 - Check to see if your server is responding on port 25

You should repeat this test at least twice - once from the Modus server and once from another PC on the same network or, ideally, from a machine outside of your network (via a dialup or high-speed connection)


mod_auth_sspi Apache module notes

mod_auth_sspi is an apache module, developed by Tim Costello, that provides client authentication using NTLM allowing transparent authentication of users.

If you are having problems getting this module to work, please see if any of the following conditions apply to you.

You are getting a Login Dialog Box

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