OAuth Authentication for Drupal 8 REST endpoints

Simple Oauth Module implementation for REST 



This video shows you how you: 1. Install Simple OAuth. 2. Create an authentication token. 3. Use that authentication token to authorize your request.


Postfix: Configure a SmartHost with SMTP Authentication and TLS

A smart host is a type of mail relay server which allows an SMTP server to route e-mail to an intermediate mail server rather than directly to the recipient’s server. [Wikipedia]

This document aims to describe some simple steps to setup a Postfix eMail server with a SmartHost used to relay messages through. The SmartHost will be authenticated and secured trough TLS.

1. Create a password file in /etc/postfix/relay_password containing SMTP host, username and password (used for submission authentication) as shown:

Apache NTLM / Active Directory Authentication

This document describes how to set up NTLM/Windows Integrated Authentication in Moodle.



Linux Active Directory Authentication using Winbind

Tested with Active Directory 2003 and RHEL 6.0

What we want to do :

- authentication against AD using Winbind and Kerberos
- allowing local and remote (SSH) authentication to members of a specific AD group (linuxadmin)
- allowing members of linuxadmin to use sudo
- UID/GID mapping against AD
- user homedir will be created at first log using pam_mkhomedir
- still possible to log in using local accounts, in case AD is unavailable

Check if resolution works :

Samba How-To Notes Chapter 28: PAM distributed authentication Advanced Configuration

Chapter 28: Samba How-to Chapter 28: PAM Distributed Authentication Advanced Configuration  

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