Cisco IP Phone 7945 with SIP Configuration

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Asterisk phone cisco 79x1 xml configuration files for SIP latest 79x1 Series

HOWTO Setup A Remote SIP Extension

This HOWTO assumes that your FreePBX system is sitting behind a NATed firewall with no direct connection to the outside world and it is NOT in the DMZ zone. If you are relying on this article to set-up your system, DO NOT place your system on a public IP address or a DMZ zone. This article does not address the potential security implications involved in such a setup.

The four key considerations in setting up remote extensions are:

Manually configuring a Polycom SoundPoint IP 320, 321, 330, 331, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670 and SoundStation IP 6000, 7000

Note 1: This guide has been tested with firmware version 3.3.1 and Bootrom 4.3.0. Be aware that different firmware revisions may have different web interface formats and functionality.

Note 2: This FAQ is based on a new phone OR one that has been reset to factory defaults. If in doubt, reset the phone to Factory Defaults.

The preferred method to configure a Polycom Phone is via Provisioning. You can however follow this guide to manually configure your phone.

Configuring the Phone to Register with 3CX Phone System

VoIP / SIP Call Diagnostics

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