Drupal on Azure Websites

How to disable a Drupal module manually

Log on to your server via SSH.
mysql -p

Gets you into mysql.
To see your databases:

show databases;

To pick the drupal database:

use drupal;

Then, substituting the module name for module_name below:

PSD to Drupal 7 Theme Article Bookmark

Word Docs in Drupal Wysiwyg Editors and Filtering Word Junk

Drupal 7 Quick Installation Guide

Full Drupal 7 Quick Installation Guide located below under support files:

Quick Install Notes for a Drupal 7 Site

Original article information gleaned from: http://drupal.org/documentation/install

Step 1: Create Drupal site database

Method 1: Create a database and user using phpMyAdmin

This presumes you have root access to phpMyAdmin

Creating your own personal bookmark site like Delicious in Drupal 7

This guide will show you how to make a bookmarking site similar to Delicious where you can add a URL with an optional description and tags which can then be searched on using the internal search or browse using tags.

Contrib modules required:

Drupal Manual URLs


Here is a quick list of Drupal URL's everyone will find useful.


Login user form: http://<site name/address>/?q=user

Logout user: http://<site name/address>/?q=user/logout

Note: If ClenaURLs are configured the "?q=" will not appear. (e.g. Login user form would read: http://<site name>/user )


Drupal 7 Views Slideshow

Drupal and Dreamweaver CS5

Original Article this is information is taken from:


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