Windows 7 Re-Install Shortcuts

Windows 10 Critical Error Solutions

They are good tips and tricks, I found which may work for you. They did for me first time and the majority of other computer users.

Steps you can take; to try mitigate or avoid this issue from happening for many and in my eyes would be a clean installation of windows 10. This requires formatted hard drive preferably a NTFS file partition and key for install. Although if you’re a system administrator and know your product keys you can skip this requirement.

How to turn your Windows 10 upgrade files into an ISO disk image

Transition from Small Business Server to Standard Windows Server

Based on the original article that can be found here: 

Remote Restart a Windows Server

Use the Command:

shutdown /r /m \\<Computer Name> /t 0 /c "Comment" /f

How to control and configure services on a Remote server

Remote Control of a Windows Server services is accomplished using a domain computer and vaild domain credentials with appropriate permissions:


use the following command(s):

sc \\<Computer Name> query

sc \\<Computer Name> config "[SERVICE NAME]" start= disabled


Applying Windows, System, and Recovery Partitions by using a Deployment Script

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2

How to configure Internet Information Server (IIS) for relay with Office 365

Logging Windows Events To Syslog Using Snare

Original article can be found here:


There are now a bunch of commercial and open source agents that can run on a Windows system to take in Windows Event Logs and send them off to a syslog server.  We’ll be looking at the Snare agent in this post.

Running Syslog on Windows Server

The original article can be located here:


This post describes running syslog-ng as a server on Windows.  In another post, we describe how to send Windows Event Logs to syslog.


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