Assigning Static-Access Ports to a VLAN

Playstation 3 Firewall Port Configuration

Original Article available here: http://faq.en.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/168

If you are able to connect to the Internet but cannot get into Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's (SCEE) game servers or network, it may be a firewall issue. Here are the TCP and UDP Port numbers you will need to connect to SCEE game servers. If you need port numbers for games published by other companies, you will need to contact them directly for additional information.

Nexus 1000v showing blocked port ports on switch

This occurs any time the VSM cannot communicate with the VEM. Are you using L2 or L3 deployment? I resolved a lot of niggly issues once I moved to L3.


Does the VSM see the redundant VSM and all the VEMs as installed modules?


Nortel BayNetworks Switch Console Ports


Console/Com Port

Most console connections for OLDER Nortel switch and router is a serial console interface (RS-232) that enables a connection to a terminal or PC for monitoring and configuring standalone switch and/or stack configuration units.  You can also connect this port to an external modem to enable remote dial-in management. The port is a male DB-9 connector, implemented as a data communication equipment (DCE) connection.


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