Downloading to a Ademco Security Panel using Honeywell Compass Software

Getting the Trust Relationship to the domain to stop failing

How To Fix ERROR_NOT_FOUND 0x80070490 During Windows 7 SP1 Installation

VMDK Handbook


              by Ulli Hankeln - Original Site located here:

In emergencies visit Sickbay    


V2P - Virtual to Physical Conversion Notes - VMware / Parallels

Office 365 Message Encryption FAQ

User State Migration Tool (USMT) Command Repository

USMT used for a PC refresh (Hardlink)

Start a Command Prompt with Admin Privledges

scanstate C:\USMTSTORE /localonly /hardlink /auto /nocompress /l:C:\temp\scanstate.log


loadstate C:\USMTSTORE /hardlink /l:C:\temp\loadstate.log /nocompress




USMT 4.0+ 

scanstate <migrationstore> /l:<logfilelocation>  /auto /c    



User State Migration Tool (USMT) Guide



Table of Contents


How To Improve Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Cacti Bandwidth Monitoring


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