AjaXplorer install with Drupal CMS Bridge

This is the bridge between a Drupal installation and an AjaXplorer. The aim is to provide a single-signon mechanism based on the Drupal users system : users logged in Drupal must have access to repositories of AjaXplorer. It's never totally evident to interface two different softwares, so don't expect it to be magical, and please follow the steps carefully and in this order.

1/ Base Installation

1.1 Install AjaXplorer and Drupal
First of all, make sure you have AjaXplorer 4.0.1 installed and Drupal 6.x or 7.x

Repair Panasonic SA-HE100/SA-HE200 Overload Problem

I have a Panasonic SA-HE200 6.1 AV Receiver (circa 2003) . I think this is the last model before they then went digital and got smaller. It’s been on the shelf un-moved for years, but we use it any time the plasma is on (everyday for hours at a time). It has 6 good sized JBL bookshelf speakers and an Infinity sub connected to it.

Iwatsu ECS to non-Iwatsu IP Phones

I'm getting ready to add a Linksys WIP310 to my ECS 5.01.I'm curious if others have had success with SIP devices.Also, what is the format for proxy address on? Is it {extension}@{ip address of ECS}Do the followings to ECS:Go to: Trunks > SIP Settings > SIP Virtual Trunk Cards and make the following parameterchanges:Enter the Proxy Server and Registrar IP address: This is the LAN IP address of the SIP gateway.Set IP Trunk Registration to: Disable.Set Auth. Registration and Auth. Invite to: Disable.


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