How to add MIBs to the net-snmp package

Adding a MIB to the client-side tools has two main effects:

  • it allows you to refer to MIB objects by name
    (rather than having to use the numeric OIDs)
  • it allows the results to be displayed in a more immediately meaningful fashion. Not just giving the object names, but also showing named enumeration values, and interpreting table indexes properly (particularly for string and OID index values).

There are two steps required to add a new MIB file to the tools. Firstly, copy the MIB file into the appropriate location:

Linux Active Directory Authentication using Winbind

Tested with Active Directory 2003 and RHEL 6.0

What we want to do :

- authentication against AD using Winbind and Kerberos
- allowing local and remote (SSH) authentication to members of a specific AD group (linuxadmin)
- allowing members of linuxadmin to use sudo
- UID/GID mapping against AD
- user homedir will be created at first log using pam_mkhomedir
- still possible to log in using local accounts, in case AD is unavailable

Check if resolution works :

AjaXplorer install with Drupal CMS Bridge

This is the bridge between a Drupal installation and an AjaXplorer. The aim is to provide a single-signon mechanism based on the Drupal users system : users logged in Drupal must have access to repositories of AjaXplorer. It's never totally evident to interface two different softwares, so don't expect it to be magical, and please follow the steps carefully and in this order.

1/ Base Installation

1.1 Install AjaXplorer and Drupal
First of all, make sure you have AjaXplorer 4.0.1 installed and Drupal 6.x or 7.x

Repair Panasonic SA-HE100/SA-HE200 Overload Problem

I have a Panasonic SA-HE200 6.1 AV Receiver (circa 2003) . I think this is the last model before they then went digital and got smaller. It’s been on the shelf un-moved for years, but we use it any time the plasma is on (everyday for hours at a time). It has 6 good sized JBL bookshelf speakers and an Infinity sub connected to it.


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