How to setup multiple BSSIDs using DD-WRT


As with all configuration changes, it is best to connect your router with an Ethernet cable so that you do not get disconnected or locked out of your router while configuring it. If you wish to bridge a VLAN or other interface to the virtual wireless interface, then see other guides on how to set up those interfaces, this guide will just tell you how to bridge it.

PHP mcrypt on CentOS 6 installation

Install the EPEL repository on your CentOS 6 installation using the following command:

Mirror Location:


rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL-6

rpm -i epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm

Then issue the yum install command for the php-mcrypt package:

yum install php-mcrypt

Juniper Netscreen ScreenOS Dial-in VPN config with DD-WRT client using vpnc

"route-based dialup VPN (dynamic peer) with shared IKE ID" works just
fine with vpnc ... alas, the "Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference
Guide" (downloadable from Juniper Networks, without any registration,
AFAIR) doesn't provide a canned configuration.

The following is an extract from one of my older lab setups (SSG-20,
ScreenOS 5.4), and while it may (and probably will) not work out of


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