OEM Deployment of Windows 10 Images for Desktop Editions

Based on Original article found here:

Windows/ Microsoft UEFI/GPT-based hard drive partitions info

Capture and Apply Windows, System, and Recovery Partitions

Relocation of the Users directory and the ProgramData directory to a drive other than the drive that contains the Windows directory

Clean Up the WinSxS Folder DISM Windows Update Cleanup

Chromecast Timezone Time Settings

Do you have a Chromecast device or a Chromecast enabled tv? If device in Google Home app > Devices > click the 3 dot menu on the Chromecast card > Settings > Scroll down to Time Zone > tap Time Zone & select the correct one

adb commands for Android Phones

View connected device(s)

Use this to view all connected devices and list their IDs.

Windows 10 an Windows Server 2016 Group Policies and Administrative Templates

User Account Control (UAC) and Admin Approval Mode

User Account Control: Turn on Admin Approval Mode

Microsoft Edge Can’t be opened using the built-in Administrator Account


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