How to disable the built-in PDF viewer in Mozilla Firefox and use another viewer

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Integrate Macs into a Windows Active Directory domain

OS X: Verifying DNS consistency for Active Directory binding

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Active Directory integration is dependent on locating and identifying both domain controllers (DC's) and Global Catalog servers (GC's) via DNS. In order for this functionality to work as expected, the DNS system hosting Active Directory must be complete, correct, and consistent.

OS X Mavericks: Using advanced Active Directory options in a configuration profile


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A configuration profile can be used to configure OS X to join an Active Directory (AD) domain.

Remote Restart a Windows Server

Use the Command:

shutdown /r /m \\<Computer Name> /t 0 /c "Comment" /f

How to control and configure services on a Remote server

Remote Control of a Windows Server services is accomplished using a domain computer and vaild domain credentials with appropriate permissions:


use the following command(s):

sc \\<Computer Name> query

sc \\<Computer Name> config "[SERVICE NAME]" start= disabled


Applying Windows, System, and Recovery Partitions by using a Deployment Script

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2

Android USB Host On-The-Go to RS-232 Serial Cable/Adapter

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Find out about the FTDI FT231X chip in the PDCA-M9-6 cable

Adding POP or IMAP accounts to Office 365 Users


If you use Office 365 or other Microsoft Exchange-based email, you can add an email account from another email service (for example, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, or Comcast) as a connected account. For information about how to add a connection to another email account, see Connect to another email account.

How to configure Internet Information Server (IIS) for relay with Office 365


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