windows.edb consuming huge amounts. How to resize/fix


I noticed the "Windows.edb" is consuming huge space
OS : Windows 2008 R2
Question :
a. it's safe to delete the file ?
b. How do I stop this in the future ?
c. Is there any imact if I delete the files

Based on my research, the Windows.edb file is an Extensible Storage Engine database of Windows Search Service.
It is safe to delete the Windows.edb file. Please turn off the Windows Search Service before deleting the file.
If you use the Windows Search feature a lot, you might not want to delete this file. Because deleting the Windows.edb file will lead to a slower searching speed.
I recommend you to move the Windows.edb to another location which has larger disk space. Please perform the following steps to move the file:
Enter Indexing Options into the search field on the Start Menu.
Click on Indexing Options.
Click on Advanced at the bottom.
Click on Select New and specify a new location for your Windows.edb file.
Click on OK and wait until Windows restarted the Windows.
Here are some links below that could be helpful to you:
What is Windows.edb? Can I Delete It Or Change Its Location?
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is it safe to delete windows.edb file
windows.edb file size is too large

Yes. You can delete it. If you don't want to use indexing search
Indexing service needs to be Stopped and then Disabled for Startup type to prevent it from being recreated
Indexing is used for fast retrial of searches.