Windows 10 Critical Error Solutions

They are good tips and tricks, I found which may work for you. They did for me first time and the majority of other computer users.

Steps you can take; to try mitigate or avoid this issue from happening for many and in my eyes would be a clean installation of windows 10. This requires formatted hard drive preferably a NTFS file partition and key for install. Although if you’re a system administrator and know your product keys you can skip this requirement.

The upgrade option often gives you a valid official key with the transfer of your previous operating system environment making your OS permanently activated.

A local user account may even increase your chances of not getting this error message with no start menu or access to your desktop.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Log onto your PC using your windows account credentials.
  2. Do not click on the Critical Windows error or the sign out, now error button.
  3. Press Alt +Control + Delete and then go to task manager.
  4. Run CMD as Administrator. From its directory within the Windows system32 folder.
  5. Type sfc /scannow and press enter (wait for the process to end).
  6. Go to task manager again, go to cmd prompt and type msconfig.
  7. Go to boot in msconfig, and select boot in safe mode with networking.
  8. Click apply and restart when prompted by the computer.
  9. Login and repeat steps 6-7 and select normal boot option, untick the safe mode option.
  10. Restart and logon to your PC using your normal logon method.

You should now have the start bar access and regained control over your computers desktop functionality as per normal.

Alternatives methods, Recommended to attempt a safe boot to begin with.

  1. Uninstall Avast / or Update and then repair worked to resolve issues with AV.
  2. Re boot PC / Wait for KB update or locate on from the Microsoft download site.
  3. Re format your PC with a clean install / then update all drivers.
  4. Update video Drivers from the manufactures website first or Nvidia/ATI website depending on equipment.
  5. Refresh Firefox by closing down background tasks and going to troubleshooting after the application responds, or refreshing it often may repair browsing functionality issues after system repairs.