SCOM monitoring of APC UPS via SNMP

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We've had a need at work to update our monitoring from an older paging utility to monitoring and data logging within our SCOM server. I looked around last year and didn't find many pre-done management packs that I liked - or that were free. Since I was familiar with creating basic SNMP monitors with OID's and creating rules, I've been reading up on creating SNMP monitors and rules for System Center Operations Manager.

From my best understanding, Monitors are what you use to trigger alerts in SCOM - which you than can be notified if there's a problem, Rules are what logs data to the database for viewing counters, and Object Discovery are what allows dynamic assignment to monitors and rules. I've used these three core concepts to create a basic management pack for American Power Corporation (APC) UPS units.

What would the internet be without sharing? Feel free to download my management pack with no warranty implied or expressed. Below are some steps you'll need to follow first in order to start monitoring your APC UPS Unit's:

- Configure SCOM 2007 R2 and setup the data warehouse for logging. (This is not the easy thing to get setup, but hopefully, if you stumbled onto this page, you've already gone through this.)
- Setup UPS for monitoring - You'll need to have your APC UPS units already on your network that SCOM is running on with an IP address and read SNMP community configured (public is default read).
- Add the UPS into SCOM - You'll have to discovery your UPS units as network devices using the IP address and SNMP community string that you setup on the units.
- Once the UPS units are listed under Network Devices, you can add the management packs listed below via the Import Management Pack function.

I used Raphael Burri's Custom SNMP Provider Library, which you'll need to download his management pack in order to use my custom management pack ( Below is the xml that you'll need to save as Custom.JB.APC.Managment.Pack.xml in order to import it as a management pack.