Nexus 1000v showing blocked port ports on switch

This occurs any time the VSM cannot communicate with the VEM. Are you using L2 or L3 deployment? I resolved a lot of niggly issues once I moved to L3.


Does the VSM see the redundant VSM and all the VEMs as installed modules?


Adding a new VLAN for VMware Servers As Example  VLAN  121  VOICE-SERVER-VLAN
Step 1-
Create Vlan on Nexus1000V
conf t
lan 121
name IPTEL
Add a Port profile for vethernet
port-profile type vethernet 121_IPTEL
  vmware port-group
  switchport mode access
  switchport access vlan 121
  no shutdown
  state enabled
Add a port profile ethernet for uplink which is having the original server.
port-profile type ethernet VM-Data-10G
  vmware port-group
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 2,121
  channel-group auto mode on mac-pinning
  no shutdown
  state enabled
Add VLAN on Cisco UCS
Allow VLAN on ther Server NIC