Nortel BayNetworks Switch Console Ports


Console/Com Port

Most console connections for OLDER Nortel switch and router is a serial console interface (RS-232) that enables a connection to a terminal or PC for monitoring and configuring standalone switch and/or stack configuration units.  You can also connect this port to an external modem to enable remote dial-in management. The port is a male DB-9 connector, implemented as a data communication equipment (DCE) connection.


To use the console/com port, you need the following equipment:


A VT100 or ANSI-compatible terminal or a PC with a serial port and the ability to emulate a VT100 terminal. 


Remember to select the correct COM PORT (COM1/COM2) when configuring your terminal emulation software on your laptop.


--No parity


--1 stop bit

--Flow control set to Xon/Xoff


A UL-listed straight-through RS-232 cable with a female DB-9 connector for the console port and the other end of the connector must have the appropriate connector for the serial port on your (the FE’s) computer.


PC-to-Nortel_Equipment Connection Option:

(Simple way to make a straight-through cable).


  1. Use two (2) standard Cisco router console connectors (DB-9F-to-RJ45) with a straight-through Ethernet cable. This will make a standard straight-through cable.
  2. Use a USB to serial DB-9M conversion cable (GoldX) with a female gender changer.



  1. Straight-Through RS-232 console cable has been verified on a Nortel BPS2000/3000N and the 450
  2. On the 450/350 switch products press Ctrl-Y to get prompt on screen after switch is powered up.It has been reported that Field Engineers and ASPs have been unable to access Nortel products using HyperTerminal.  It is recommended that all FE/ASPs download Tera Term Pro for accessing older Nortel products. 

     This Terminal/Telnet software is free and can be downloaded at the  

     following Web site: