Upgrade Cisco 2960G Switch from IOS CLI

  1. Enter the Cisco Catalyst 2960G via Telnet or Serial Console
  2. Enter the “enable” command at the command prompt, and tap the “Enter” key. Enter the Privileged Exec password when requested, and then tap the “Enter” key.
  3. Enter “archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp:// IOS-file-name.tar” on the command prompt, substituting the “IOS-file-name.tar ” with the actual name of the IOS update image file that is stored in the root directory of the TFTP service on the Windows 7 computer. Tap the “Enter” key to execute the command.. The new IOS image copies to the Cisco 2960. After the IOS image file has been transferred to the Cisco 2960, the switch automatically reboots and starts running the new IOS image.