Using the Linksys SPA400 with Asterisk

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For small- and medium-sized businesses, going all-VoIP is not an easy decision.

Fortunately, the switch-over, which can result in substantial savings and add bold new capabilities to tired old office phone systems, can be done in baby-steps: Purchase an Internet Protocol (IP) based phone system, but keep the PSTN lines, for now.

Search for Google Drive contents in Chrome Address Bar

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While Google Drive has an excellent search built into the site, did you know there’s an easier, quicker way to execute a Drive search directly from Chrome’s address bar (the omnibox)? Setting it up is a snap, and using it is even easier.

10 Tips To Make You a Slack Wizard

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Slack continues to creep into offices and organizations worldwide, bringing a new and intuitive approach to old group chat model. If you’ve been signed up for the service at your workplace, then here are ten ways to wow your fellow workers with your Slack skills.

Assigning Static-Access Ports to a VLAN

Reset Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch

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Step-by-Step Procedure
Follow the password recovery procedure below.

Attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation (for example, Hyper Terminal) to the console port of the switch.

Use the following terminal settings:

Bits per second (baud): 9600

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

VIZ WP-705A Power Supply Troubleshooting

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1. Blinking Display: Check power supply +5V.  Check U215 thru U218.

2. Improper readings: Check power supply +5V.  Check regulator U213 and U214 for normal operation.  Check voltages on U217/218.

3. Won't Zero: Check voltages on U217/218.  Check R227/228.  Check +5V supply.  Check C210/211.

4. No display but power supply has output: Check power supply +5V.  Check on-board regulators U213/214 for normal operation.  Check continuity of all VCC paths to active chips.

KMS Client Setup Keys and Windows Edition Upgrade

Restrictions and limitations when you sync files and folders OneDrive

Windows Server Remote Desktop Services RDS Upgrade Info

Plan for Deploying Devices using Discrete Device Assignment


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